Pupil Voice / School Council

At our school we feel that pupil voice is very important! We value the views of all our children about our school. In your classes you will find that there is a pupil voice box which can be used at any time for the following things:

  • To share how you are feeling and to make others aware of any problems that you may have.
  • To share things about school that you really like and want to celebrate.
  • To share things about school that you feel could be improved further.
  • To share any bright ideas that you have!

Remember that your class councillors can pass on your ideas to the school council. We will discuss them at our meetings and possibly use your ideas to improve our school!

When you write a note and put it in the suggestion box, just remember that you do not have to include your name if you don’t want to

School Council

The school council at Woodslee Primary School is made up of representatives from Year 1 to Year 6. The Year 6 representatives each take it in turn to chair our council meetings. In order to be a member of the school council, each class votes for two children to represent them at meetings.

The school council meets at least monthly and considers all aspects of school life. In the last 12 months they have been involved in interviewing prospective teachers, sampled new meals for school lunches and decided on spending priorities to improve the school grounds. They also regularly discuss school issues and factors affecting teaching and learning.

Here are guidelines which our school councillors must follow:

1. They will attend meetings to discuss issues affecting our school.

2. Let the class know what has been discussed in these meetings.

3. Take the views of their class to the meetings.

4. Be actively involved in the projects that the school council runs.

5. Be the face and voice of the children at Woodslee Primary School when visitors come.

Above is a diagram showing how a successful school council can benefit our school.