What to do…

I need to pass on a message to the class teacher.

If you wish to contact a teacher regarding a query, please feel free to see them at the end of the school day when collecting your child. Alternatively you can pass a message to the class teacher via the member of staff that is at the door in the morning. If it is urgent then please contact school office.

I need to pass on a message to my child.

If you need to pass on an important message to a child, please contact the school office on 0151 334 1406.

I have a concern about…

If you have any concerns about your child in school then we are here to listen and help.

There are a number of ways that you can let us know about your concern.  Please choose the one that is most helpful for you:

  • Contact your child’s class teacher at the end of the school day to discuss your concern or to make an appointment with them if you need to talk with them privately;
  • Complete a Parental Communication Form;
  • Phone school to make an appointment to speak to the class teacher. Your message will be passed on the them and a mutually convenient time can be agreed to meet.

The class teacher is always the best person to contact as they know your child and have day to day contact with them.

If the issue is urgent and requires the attention of our Head Teacher or Deputy Head, please contact the school office on 0151 334 1406.

If you have met with the class teacher and then passed your concern on to the Senior Leadership Team and are still not satisfied it is vital that you make an appointment to meet with the Head teacher.  We are sure that we can work with you to resolve your concerns.
If you are still not satisfied with the outcome then please refer to our Complaints Policy.

I want to tell the school about the improvements I have noticed.

We are constantly working extremely hard to provide outstanding learning experiences. As such, it is wonderful to receive comments on how we are doing.

If you would like to pass on any comments, please print and complete our Parental Communication Form or write a letter or note and give it to your child’s class teacher.

How do I know if my child is making the right progress? 

There will be many opportunities during the school year to find out about the progress your child is making. We hold two parent meetings to discuss ‘Pupil Progress’ with parents.  They are in the autumn and spring terms. A full annual report is given to parents in the summer term. At the end of the autumn and spring terms, you will also receive additional information relating to the progress of your child.

During the school year you will also be able to attend different workshops which will help you to understand what we are teaching in school and how you can support your child’s learning.

If you have concerns over your child’s progress in school, please see their class teacher and make an appointment with them. The end of the school day is the best time to do this as at the start of the day the teachers are in class preparing lessons and supervising children from 8.50am. Thank you.

How can I support my child’s learning at home? 

Children all learn at different speeds. Like learning to walk when children were babies, some crawled, some sat, some got up and walked straight away.

Just because children take time to walk, it doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t walk. The first children to walk are not the best walkers or fastest runners, they were just the first to walk.

The same applies to reading, writing, and maths. Children will learn at their pace so having a set of national goals or standards that fit all children on a spectrum is unrealistic. However that doesn’t mean we will not try our hardest as teachers and parents to get our children ready to learn. Parents can encourage and support learning,

There are many opportunities to encourage home learning through activities on the website to ideas given by teachers at Parent Meetings. We have also included advice and leaflets that will give you ideas on how to help your child at home. Please take the time to access these areas with your child and don’t be afraid to ask us for any more advice if you need it!