Allocated Resources

  • The Headteacher decides on the budget for SEND in consultation with school governors, on the basis of need in the school;
  • The SEN budget is allocated each financial year. The money is used to provide additional  support or resources dependent on an individual’s needs;
  • The additional provision may be allocated after discussion with the class teacher, the SENCO, medical professionals and the child’s parents, at pupil progress meetings or if a concern has been raised by them at another time during the year;
  • If any concerns are raised on completion of the assessments the SENCo will investigate further support or advice from outside agencies if required;
  • Individual Pupil Premium payments are used to support pupil learning.


All parents are encouraged to contribute to their child’s education through:

  • Discussions with the class teacher;
  • During parents evenings;
  • Comments on half termly report cards;
  • During discussions with the SENCo or other professionals;


If you wish to discuss your child’s educational needs please contact:

  • Your child’s class teacher
  • The SENCo
  • The Deputy Headteacher
  • The Headteacher.