Woodslee PTA

Woodslee PTA

Woodslee Primary has a hard working PTA committee who arrange a variety of fundraising events and activities throughout the academic year.

The aims of our PTA are:

  • to raise funds to assist the school in providing resources to enhance and enrich experience of every pupil whilst at Woodslee Primary School
  • to promote a sense of community by holding social events
  • to improve links between home and school

We are a dedicated group of parents, teachers and teaching assistants who are excited and eager to help plan and deliver a range of fundraising activities that will benefit all our children at Woodslee. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the team then please contact school or come along to one of our meetings!

Our Woodslee PTA Members are:

Jennifer Bather – Chair I have been part of the Woodslee PTA for 4 years, and I am also a Parent Governor at the school.  I have two sons; one is in Year 2 and my youngest will be joining Woodslee in 2018.  I enjoy being part of the team as it is such a lovely group of people, who all work hard to organise fun events for the children, whilst trying to raise money to benefit each and every child at Woodslee.

Lisa Brierley – Vice Chair I joined Woodslee PTA just over a year ago.  My son is now in Year 1.  It is a great way to get to know other parents and teachers at the school.  It is really lovely to be part of a team of people who are passionate about raising funds for the kids of Woodslee.

Julie Stott – Treasurer I have been a member of the team for 3 years and joined to benefit my children’s time at school.  I have a son in Year 2 and a daughter in Foundation 2.

Donna Paterson – I have a child in Year 3 and I’ve been a part of the team for approximately 4 years.

Vicky Osborne – I am a teacher at Woodslee and my little girl is currently in Year 3.  I joined the Fundraising Team so I could help the school raise money and provide exciting events for all the children to enjoy.

Andrew Farnsworth – I am a dad of two boys at Woodslee.  I want to make sure they have the best experience that they can at the school.  I believe that helping organise events serves two purposes; it helps raise important funds for the school and also makes the children’s time at the school more enjoyable.  It’s a great way of meeting other parents and we have a good laugh at the meetings.

Andrea Carter I am a mum of two wonderful boys who both attend Woodslee.  I became a member of the team initially to be more involved with the school.  Both of my boys enjoy the fact that I can share their experiences of school life.  I love to give a little of my spare time to help plan and execute fun fundraising activities and make a real difference, all to ultimately benefit not only my own children, but all of the children who attend Woodslee.

Lisa Walker – I joined the Woodslee PTA for the opportunity to raise funds to provide extras for Woodslee children and to help organise events like school fairs and discos, which the children love.  My sons love that I’ve helped make things happen and I enjoy the projects.  Meetings are fun and informal and it’s wonderful to see the children enjoying our efforts.

Julia Williams I’m a barber with two little ones in Woodslee.  I joined the fundraising team as I am currently on maternity leave after having my youngest child.  I helped out at one of the discos and the team all welcomed me in and told me what they do for the school.  I’m enjoying helping and it’s nice to be involved.

Claire Doughty – My two boys both attend Woodslee.  Being part of the fundraising team is amazing.  During our events that we do, seeing the children happy is priceless.

Sally Gill – I am the Manager of Squirrel club and I have two daughters in the school.  I have been part of the team for around 5 years.

Claire Rutherford – I am a Teaching Assistant in Foundation 2 and I joined the team around 5 years ago.

Donna Hitchmough

Nicola Edwards-Tudor

Sheila Dawson