Woodslee’s Mission and Vision


At Woodslee we value every member of our school community and we provide a learning environment where our pupils can grow, learn and love in a safe and secure way. Our adults, inspirational figures globally, nationally and locally, and each other are our role models and we use them as our inspiration as we journey through the school. Our Woodslee Way is fundamental in ensuring that each child will be fully equipped to be successful in life and our school curriculum reflects these values.

All children are encouraged to go beyond what is possible; to think for themselves, to apply their acquired knowledge and skills, to improve and to transform. Our children persevere through every challenge and live lives full of faith, hope, ambition and aspiration. Every child is unique and this is celebrated in all that we do at Woodslee Primary School.

Our policy promotes British values (democracy, British Law, individual liberty, mutual respect, tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs).


From Little Acorns Mighty Oaks Grow

Our mission is built upon our core values that are embodied by all at Woodslee. We refer to our values as The Woodslee Way. Just as an acorn needs food, sunlight and water to grow; our children need to be equipped with tools to thrive and grow in daily school life. The Woodslee Way outlines those tools. They are our principles by which we live out our values in all aspects of our school life:

The Woodslee Way

  • Responsible: We take care with everything and we take control of the Woodslee Way; accepting the consequences of our good or bad choices. We show initiative and we develop our understanding of how we can contribute positively to those living and working close to our school and to those who live in other parts of the world.
  • Respect: We learn how to treat others positively and think about our own actions; being mindful of justice and peace. We distinguish right from wrong and we learn to respect rules, locally and worldwide. We learn about different cultural traditions and we appreciate and celebrate the uniqueness of us all, everywhere.
  • Resilient: We learn to persevere even if our work is difficult; we do not give up. We adapt to different situations, make positive responses and always bounce back for more. We accept that aspects of life are not easy, but we learn to continue to participate fully in and contribute positively to our lives today. We want to challenge our thinking and change outcomes for the better.
  • Ready: We are prepared mentally and physically for learning. We are eager to learn new things and are ready to help others. We develop our self-knowledge, self –esteem and self –confidence over time. We want to be the very best that we can be, whilst maintaining mutual respect for all.
  • Resourceful: We can use lots of different things to help us learn. We also have the ability to find quick and interesting ways to overcome difficulties. We learn how to find a better way to solve problems and address issues. We use the gifts that we have been given to challenge and improve ourselves day by day.


By living out our mission everyday of our lives, we journey towards fulfilling our vision.


                If the Acorn Can Become a Tree, What Will You Aspire to Be?

Our vision is the ultimate aim for our learners. We believe that a primary setting is the foundation for future members of society and by directing our children on the right track they will flourish academically, spiritually, morally, culturally and socially.